Simple steps to secure your farmThings you can do today to help secure your farm that will cost you nothing:

  1. Acknowledge that your property is at risk and commit to taking precautions to protect it even if it means changing the way you work.
  2. Start to lock your vehicles, homes, and offices when they are not in use. Be more controlling over keys, where they are kept and who has access to them. If there is not a need for someone to have access, then don’t give it to them.
  3. Implement a lock down strategy every night. Closing gates & doors, moving anything that could be stolen out of sight.
  4. Make your farm less easy to visit casually – close entry gates at all times whenever you don’t actually need to use them.
  5. If something feels not quite right – it probably isn’t. Share any suspicious activity with fellow farmers via the police sponsored FarmWatch schemes.
  6. Use these basic strategies as a foundation to build upon. Step by step keep working on improving your general security with more comprehensive security measures.

For more ideas of how you can secure your farm give us a call.