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Do I need a good internet connection for the system to work?

No internet connection is required for the camera to work within your farm. An internet connection is only required if you want to watch the cameras remotely (whilst you are out shopping or on holiday). In most cases the internet connection that you find on farms we find is suitable, but if remote viewing is [...]

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How far can the wireless link go?

If you have a clear line of sight, with no trees or obstacles in the way, our links can be as far as 3km apart. For shorter distances, 0-100m these obstacles are rarely a problem. However, in cases where obstacles are a problem we can often find alternative solutions. Either way we ensure that the [...]

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Do the cameras work off my TV?

They can be made to work off your TV but as any computer, smart phone or tablet can be used to access and view the cameras none of our customers have found this necessary. This means that unlike older systems you are not tied to just one fixed monitor or television. You can take your [...]

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What phones / tablets / computers do your cameras work with?

Our systems will work well with Android and Apple Phones and tablets. Windows phone support has recently been added and we are currently assessing these phones.   They do not work well with Blackberry phones. In terms of computers either Macs or Windows give great results.

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Why should I use you and not just get a DIY system from the internet?

One of the main benefits of using our system is that for just a little more than a DIY option you will have a guaranteed headache free install. With great cameras, that we know work well on farms, installed following industry best practises, alongside a 2 yr manufacturer’s warranty, 12 months FULL support and product [...]

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