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What exactly is a farm alarm system?

Our farm alarm systems work in a similar way to a modern house alarm but they have been fine tuned to work well on farms. For example, everything is waterproof and dust proof, the sensors are selected to ensure that, even though they are often situated outside, false alarms are kept to the absolute minimum. [...]

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Why do you think an alarm is the best security tool for farms?

Alarms are often overlooked in favour of CCTV systems. However a CCTV system on its own will only show you what happened long after your property has been lost. With an alarm system you get the opportunity to take action as the crime is happening (investigate yourself or call the police) whilst the bells will [...]

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Won’t I be annoyed by text messages all the time?

Our systems have been put together to allow full control. You can either wait until work has finished to turn the alarm on via a simple text message or button on an app. Or schedule the alarm to turn on and off according to your farm’s working practices. Additionally, we have chosen the best sensors, [...]

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Are there any ongoing costs?

Most of our systems are either text message controlled OR at least backed up by mobile SIM card. So the only on going costs are the text messages that the system sends, how much depends upon how you use your system but typically costs can be kept to well below £5 per month. Additionally it [...]

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