Do I need a good internet connection for the system to work?

No internet connection is required for the camera to work within your farm. An internet connection is only required if you want to watch the cameras remotely (whilst you are out shopping or on holiday). In most cases the internet connection that you find on farms we find is suitable, but if remote viewing is [...]

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Do I need to put signs up?

Yes as a business operating a small CCTV system you will not only need to erect warning signs but also register with the Information Commissioners Office and comply with their code of practise. In reality the steps required are straight forward and we can help and advise you on this.

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What exactly is a farm alarm system?

Our farm alarm systems work in a similar way to a modern house alarm but they have been fine tuned to work well on farms. For example, everything is waterproof and dust proof, the sensors are selected to ensure that, even though they are often situated outside, false alarms are kept to the absolute minimum. [...]

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Is the night vision good enough for calving?

Our cameras have excellent night visions – you can check out our demo videos here. All of our customers so far have been impressed by the clarity and feel that it is good enough for night time calving.

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How long do the cameras record for?

With network cameras this can depend on a number of factors including the size of the installed hard drive, the number of frames per second or even how busy the scene is that the camera is recording. However, we usually aim for a minimum of 14 days but typically achieve 30 days recording.

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Why do you think an alarm is the best security tool for farms?

Alarms are often overlooked in favour of CCTV systems. However a CCTV system on its own will only show you what happened long after your property has been lost. With an alarm system you get the opportunity to take action as the crime is happening (investigate yourself or call the police) whilst the bells will [...]

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Do I need a microphone?

Our customers say this is one of the most useful features of our system. Being experienced stockmen they can often tell from the sound a beast makes if they need to head down and give a helping hand. Additionally, it can give peace of mind to those at home that they can hear if you [...]

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