Calving, Lambing and Foaling Cameras help you get more done.

Looking after livestock is a time consuming task at the best of times, but it is even more so during the calving, lambing or foaling seasons. Regular trips at all hours of the day to see if nature needs assistance quickly becomes wearing, especially on those occasion’s when nothing’s happening. A calving camera or lambing camera from Farmer’s Eye can help ease the burden!

Check your livestock from ANYWHERE using a smart phone, tablet or computer:

Check calving cameras on iphone image
The camera is great as when I am away in China on business, not only can I see that the cattle are alright, my brother who lives 40 miles away is able to look after them as well! Previously he would have to make a 2 hour round trip to check on them whether he was needed or not, now he only needs to go when he feels it is necessary.
Keith, Fife

See a calving camera in action:

‘Farm-Proofed’ so they survive the test of time!

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