products to secure my tools

Secure your farm tools and small machinery:

Small tools are easy to conceal, easy to sell on and difficult to keep track of making them high risk items. The good news is they are relatively easy to secure from outside theft. Whilst tools are a bit more difficult to protect from workers ‘accidental’ or deliberate theft there are still steps you can take to help cut this lower level of pilfering down

We recommend choosing a single building, moving as much that is at risk as possible into it, and then focusing your security on this tight and easier to defend SECURE ZONE.

The following steps will look at specifically protecting your tools but you should also check out the our section on securing farm buildings as well.

Things to consider when securing your farm buildings:

improve farm security by marking your property

Mark your tools

Mark your tools by either painting parts of them a distinctive colour, punching your post code into them, engraving them or using a proprietary marking system such as Datatag. Cheap and effective, marking your tools works on several levels. Firstly it makes it difficult for YOUR tools to get muddled up with other peoples. If someone is caught with the tools on them there will be no denying that they are yours, putting potential criminals off. Secondly it makes it more difficult for the robber to pass your farm tools off as not stolen so they become less valuable to the thief. Finally if the tools are recovered by the police it is more likely they will make there way back to you. Marking your tools just takes a bit of time but is so cost effective it’s a must.

secure-your-toolsA Place for everything and everything in its place

When small tools have been stolen there is often a significant period of time between the loss and the realisation that they have been stolen. It can sometimes be so long that the victim can not be certain that they have actually been stolen rather than just misplaced. If even just your more valuable tools are well organised and kept in a single particular safe place, you are more likely to┬ánotice quickly that they have gone missing – increasing your chances of recovering the tools. Related Product: Tool Storage

Tuffbank Site Box TB3 (1275x675x970)Use a secure tool storage container

Especially useful when the workshop area is in a large insecure shed, they help to keep your valuables out of sight of visitors to the farm as well as secure. You could use a site tool chest as shown in the image, a tool cage or even a second hand cargo container. An alternative would be to build your own ‘tool’ cupboard. Related Product: Tool Storage

farm alarmsAlarm the workshop area

If the tools can all be gathered into the same area, they are then easy to protect with an alarm system. Either a bells only alarm or one that texts is ideal. If you spend money on a larger system make sure that the components will stand up to the level of moisture and dust usually found on a farm.