farm security products to protect your quads and other vehicles

Protect the quads, vehicles and machinery on your farm:

We often here of vehicles such as quads being stolen then when they are replaced the criminals return to the farm and take the replacement! That’s because they know that they can be difficult to secure.

Its best if you can choose a single building, moving as much into it as possible, and then focusing your security on this tight and easier to defend SECURE ZONE.

That’s not always possible with combines tractors and machinery which is often stored all over the farm and sometimes left in fields over night but you could consider the following farm security measures.

Things to consider when securing your farm vehicles and machinery:

Use chains and anchors on smaller items like quads

Anchors and chains are the first line of defence. They slow a crime down, require noise to chop and can put off less determined or prepared thieves.  You could always keep a quad in a specially secure area such as a cargo container or stable area. Related Products: Anchors Chains Container Locks

Leave machinery in a state that makes it difficult to move

Leave the plant in away that would require time or knowledge to get the item ready for moving. Extend arms and booms, remove vital pins, park in away that something else needs to be moved first.  This is especially useful if plant is to be left in a field over night. Additionally you should try and park it out of sight.

Use wheel clamps and hitch locks

Hitch locks stop people simply hitching your trailers and other towed items to there vehicles. For top security combine with a wheel clamp. Some farmers tell us it will get in the way of using the item, and make working life difficult. Whilst it would be best to use the locks at all times you could just use them when the machinery was either at highest risk or not required for immediate use. Related Products: Wheel Clamps Hitch and Towing Eye Locks

Use Airline locks

An Airline lock can not only secure commercial machinery by preventing the release of air brakes but can also be used to prevent the accidental movement of trailers when loading. Additionally king pin locks and lorry door locks can help to secure your trailers. Related Products: Airline Locks King Pin Locks

prevent-tractor-theft-by-markingMark your machinery

OK so we don’t suggest that you paint everything pink! But it does demonstrate how it makes it distinctive. You could weld your postcode onto your machinery, paint your postcode on the roof of trailers and tractors, use a sign writer to give your plant a professional finish. Or use proprietary systems such as Datatag. As with tools it has a three fold benefit – it makes it difficult to sell on, makes it easier to gain a prosecution and it makes it more likely you’ll end up with it back again – all putting a theft off in the first place.

Use a GPS Tracker

Trackers are the ultimate way of marking your machinery. They can be set up to alert you if they move out of a virtual area, they can help you recover the item if it goes missing. We are particular fans of the tough tracker that has up to ten years battery life and can be welded or bolted onto just about anything! Related Product: Trackers