Products to secure my farm buildings

Secure your farm buildings :

The most valuable items on a farm are usually kept inside buildings. Although most farms are usually a warren of routes through the often connected buildings, they can usually be made much more secure relatively easily.

We would usually recommend choosing a single building, moving as much that is at risk as possible into it, and then focusing your security on this tight and easier to defend SECURE ZONE.

Things to consider when securing your farm buildings:


Ensure all doors are locked

As a lock might be chopped off it need not be expensive, but it will still help to prevent opportunist thefts and slow down a deliberate crime. You could consider combination locks, keyed alike locks or combination key pads to make working life easier. Related Product: Container Locks Padlocks and Other Locks

Farm signs - cheap and easy ways to increas the security on your farm

Install Warning Signs

Signs are low cost and easy to install. They have been proven to put off criminals, as they show the criminal that you have thought through your security. They need not be truthful, and still offer a deterrent effect.

Secure your farm buildings with an intruder Alarm

Intruder alarms are vastly under used on farms, and yet are ideal for securing your farm buildings. The sound from an activated alarm not only alerts you to the intrusion but also often scares the criminal away. Alarms could be bells only, or send alerts direct to your phone. We offer low cost alarm solutions alongside more comprehensive alarm solutions. Related Farm Product: Farm Cameras