products to help protect the routes on to your farm

Protect the access routes onto your farm:

Most farms have multiple routes that people can use to visit the farm.  Given that farm crimes usually happen after or even during a day light reconnaissance visit.  Closing down the routes that people can easily use to visit your farm is essential in order to put off these day time visits and to force visitors past areas where they can be seen or be recorded on CCTV cameras.

Things to consider when securing your farm access routes:

Control entry by closing gates or erecting chains

Farms are almost impossible to lock down at night, during the day is a different matter all together.  The simplest of measures can be used to limit or direct day time visitors.  A chain simply stretch across an entry, or closing gates , either automatically or by hand are easy to do and will help force visitors to use the routes onto your farm that you choose. Related Products: Access Control 

Farm signs - cheap and easy ways to increas the security on your farm

Install Signs to Direct traffic

Being low cost, signs are ideal for directing traffic. Signs such as PRIVATE NO ENTRY to ALL VISITORS MUST REPORT TO THE FARM OFFICE. Make it much harder for an opportunist criminal to remain un-suspicious. Additionally they let the criminal know that your farm is security conscious encouraging them to move on to an easier target.

Farm Security: CCTV and Alarms for Farms

Use CCTV to record the visitors to your farm

Whilst recording license plates at night is quite difficult and requires expensive specialist equipment, during the day its much easier. Installing CCTV will deter both an opportunist and a later visit. Used alongside some sort of alarm it is the best it can be. Then it will alert you to look at your cameras practically giving you eyes in the back of your head. Related Products: Security Cameras

Use driveway alarms to alert you of visitors

Driveway alarms can alert you when visitors come to your farm. They can be as simple as a ‘ding dong’ in your farm office or house. Or alert you by text message. If you have a busy farm they can be turned on only at night or when you are away. Related Product: Driveway Alarms