Products to help me protect my fuel and oil

Products to secure your oil and fuel tanks :

Oil and fuel on your farm is one of the number one targets for thieves. Fuel tanks are often visible from the road, whilst not being visible to you. One of the easiest ways to increase the security of your oil is to move it, at best put it in a locked barn but at least move it to a position where the thieves can not see it but it is overlooked from your house or office.

Alternatively the following ideas might help you secure your oil and other fuel.

Things to consider when securing your farm oil and fuel:

Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Security lighting can be used to deter the thief but also if you can see it from your house let you know someone is in the general area. Related Product: Lighting

Tank Locks

Tank locks can be used to stop the siphoning off of fuel via the filling hatches. In cases where there is a outlet hose this might also need to be secured. Related Product: Tank Locks Tank Alarms


Signs are a cheap way to deter a criminal

You don’t need to actually have an alarm! But signs like this have been proven to reduce the likelihood of a theft.


Use flow meters to control the release of fuel

Fuel is an easy target for people who visit or work on your farm to steal especially if they have legitimate access to the tank. Its also difficult to stop. Knowing how much fuel you have and how it is being used is the first step to preventing this kind of theft. You could simply note the amount of fuel being used each time or even use RFID tags to monitor individuals. Coming Soon to this website!

Tank Alarms can alert you to the removal of fuel.

These alarms are ideal for alerting you if the oil levels go down too quickly. Related Product: Tank Alarms

farm alarms

Perimeter Alarms and CCTV and be used to alert you to people close to your fuel tank.

Farm alarm systems and CCTV are great on their own but when combined together it can give you eyes in the back of your head! Someone approaches your oil tank, you get a text message, then look at your cameras and take action if required. Related Product: Farm Cameras Farm Alarms