Fits Hitch Type:

 AW suitable for Avonride 12-15851 and 12-14304 hitch heads

P6E/2 Knott KQ14 on P6E 2004 onwards

P6E Knott KQ14 on P6E Pre 2004

BR20 Bradley Auto Head and GA3500 & GA2750

DM Standard Alko & Albe 

KN Knott K35, K27 & K20

SA9 Bradley 05050

LW Alko AK7 60mm box stand

BR10 Bradley 2600kg unbraked

BT Brenderup KFT00-1040

SA8 Bradley 3500 Looped Handle

LT Alko box tube hicth 2 x 50mm box found on jet ski and light trailers

Versatile will fit hitched, unhitched or in conjuntion with a Bulldog lock post.

Compact and easily stored.

Quick and easy to fit.

Highly visible red powder coated finish.

Well proven high security drill and pick resistant lock .

3mm thick bottom channel encloses the hitch head and fixings.

Complete with dummy ring to restrict access to the towing point.

Sold Secure Gold Approval