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5 Reasons to Install a Calving, Foaling or Lambing Camera

We spoke to our customers and asked them what they thought were the key benefits they had derived from installing one of our calving/lambing cameras.  Here’s what they said: More Money, Less Problems One of the biggest gains from installing a livestock camera was the financial benefits resulting from reduced animal mortality.  Most of [...]

Tips on improving the WiFi signal within your farm house

When installing our calving cameras and lambing cameras, we are often asked if there is a way that we can help to boost the WiFi signal.  The thick walls of most farm houses make the range of the router particularly small within a farm house, and it seem to be the bug bear of most [...]

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Quality Meat Scotland Choose Our Lambing Camera

A few weeks ago we were privileged to have our lambing camera chosen for use by Quality Meat Scotland in a project which opened the lambing sheds of a Scottish farmer to the public via live cameras. Image from Quality Meat Scotland - Link Many of us remember enjoying the two week dive into the world of [...]

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Marking your Farm Equipment – Farm Security Tip

Marking your Farm Equipment & Tools – a cheap and effective farm security measure One straight forward farm security measure that is often over looked is the marking of your farm tools and equipment. If farm equipment is effectively marked it acts as an great deterrent to criminals targeting farms because: If a criminal is [...]

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Calving Camera App – Set Up and User Guide

Guide showing how to set up Calving Camera app Setting up your calving camera - We have recently put together a short guide explaining how to set up and use the iphone / android smart phone app that we use to control our Calving and Lambing Cameras. You can find the guide in our resources [...]

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Secure your farm for next to nothing.

Things you can do today to help secure your farm that will cost you nothing: Acknowledge that your property is at risk and commit to taking precautions to protect it even if it means changing the way you work. Start to lock your vehicles, homes, and offices when they are not in use. Be more [...]

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Farm Security: Acknowledging the risks is the first step.

This article on Farm security was published in the November / December edition Farming Scotland Magazine 2013 Growing up in a rural community in the 70’s and 80’s I was proud that few people in our village felt the need to lock their cars or homes. I felt it reflected the general trustworthiness of our community [...]

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Scottish Farmer article on Farm Security

Self Guard was featured in an article about the prevention of crime in the 100th anniversary of the Scottish Farmer. An excerpt is shown below but the full article can be read on the Scottish Farmer Website - Preventing farm crime.  Any vet or doctor would tell you that prevention is better than cure. And nine times [...]

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Calving Cameras – Case Study as featured in Agritiser

Martin and Jane Kennedy and their three daughters, farm at Lurgan, a 1700 acre beef and sheep farm close to Aberfeldy in the stunning Perthshire hills. The couple run 600 ewes and 35 suckler cows on the farm which extends to 2500 feet above sea level. The ewes are a mixture of Beltex cross Bleu [...]

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