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Horse Tack and Saddles :

Tack and saddles are vulnerable in a single horse farm but even more so in livery stables where numerous people come and go and you often see valuable items lying in the open every where.

The best form of defence is to remove it, if you can take it home, if not consider the following methods.

Things to consider when securing your saddles and tack:

Make a secure tack room

A secure tack room can help to prevent outside elements targeting your stables, bringing everything together in one place makes it easier to secure everything with the same security measures such as locks, CCTV and alarms. You could build one or use a tool cage. Related Products: Security Cameras Padlocks and Other Locks Hasps

Mark your tack

In busy stables, items can be ‘borrowed’ or accidentally misplaced as well as purposefully stolen. Marking it is straight forward and need not be expensive. Anything from a dot of paint, engraving or using the datatag system will help to protect your tack on many different levels – it makes it difficult to sell on, makes it easier to gain a prosecution as it proves the kit does not belong to the thief and it makes it more likely you’ll end up with it back again – all putting a theft off in the first place.

saddle lockUse a saddle lock

Saddle locks are simple and effective – they are straight forward to use. Related Product: Saddle Lock

Use a secure chest for all your easy to remove items

Secure chests can be bolted to the floor and give you a place to get everything out of sight and secure. Related Product: Tool Storage