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Our farm CCTV and security systems have been put together to help tackle the increase in crime directed against farms and farmers.  We understand that every farm is different, not only in its layout but also in its working practices, and work with our customers to provide the best solution for their particular circumstances.

How our farm security system helped one of our customers:

One of our customers had a quad bike stolen, then just after he had replaced the quad the thieves struck again taking the replacement. He called us and ordered a CCTV system to be installed alongside one of our farm alarm systems.

About 6 months later, and despite our obvious cameras and all of the CCTV warning signs, the criminals struck for the third time. On this occasion however they fled empty handed as the alarm system detected the intruders, which woke our client and set the bells off, scaring the thieves away!

Our client told us that when he was woken by the alarm he checked the cameras and saw the thieves running away and called the police.

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