Yes that of course is possible. However, home alarms have sensors that will not last long with the dust, moisture and pests (spiders, birds, rats) that are found on a farm. Even if the system works well for the first few months it is almost certain that false alarms will start to occur. If even one sensor starts playing up it can make the whole system useless, as you will naturally start to ignore it. Yes if you are protecting a single ‘clean’ area this may be an option but DIY alarms rarely come with the level of control our alarm offers. With us you are purchasing a headache free install. We have chosen a great system, that we know WILL work well on farms, we install the sensors in the best positions and work through any false alarm issues. On top of that our equipment comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and 12 months FULL onsite support and product lifetime telephone support all included within the cost.