CCTV Systems for Farms

CCTV systems specifically designed for farms

Know who’s on YOUR farm, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Our farm CCTV systems have been put together to withstand the tough conditions found on farms. Additionally, every farm is unique, so we customise each kit to suit your particular circumstances. This means you get the perfect CCTV kit for YOUR farm.  It all starts with a phone call…

‘Farm-Proofed’ CCTV Systems designed specifically for farms, and customised for YOUR farm

‘Farm-Proofed’ to ensure your CCTV system survives the tough farm environment.

We ONLY install on farms. From the experience we have gained installing on 100’s of farms we have put together kits that will not only give you crystal clear pictures but with our farm-proofing will continue to do so for years to come.

Fully Customisable Farm CCTV Kits mean you can build the perfect system for YOUR Farm:

Any Camera Combination

Choose from a wide range of cameras

1.3 – 4 Mega Pixels, Internal / External, PTZ or Static, Up to 150m Night Vision, License Plate Reading Cameras.

Not sure? Let us help you survey your property and find out which cameras you need.

Multiple Networking Options

Choose your networking options

Wired / Wireless, A single WiFi Link or multiple ones to send HD images to your farm workers (alternatively they could use the internet to view the images), or add a wireless access point so you can access the internet anywhere on your farm.

Choose you recording options

How many cameras on the system? How much storage?

Choose from 4, 8, 16 or 32 Camera (channel) systems .

Choose 1, 2, 3, 4 6, 8 Terrabyte storage.

How the system fits together

Everything you need in one easy to install kit:

  • The cameras and everything you need to mount them, be it to a steel beam girder, masonry or timber
  • All cable cut to the lengths you require (no limit on the size as long as each run is under the industry standard 90m)
  • All clips and fixings you need to support the cables to the particular cable runs you have.
  • All Wi-Fi equipment (if specified) needed to get the signal back to your farm house or office.
  • All equipment is ‘Farm-Proofed’ (Power supplies mounted in a waterproof and dust-proof ‘control-box’, Waterproof IP67 cable connectors, bird spikes and external, shielded duct-grade cables).

8 or 4 Channel Farm CCTV Systems

Premium and Standard CCTV Systems for Farms

Fully customisable 8 Or 4 channel CCTV system with 1.3 – 4MP cameras. Either wired back to your farm office OR with a dedicated broadband wireless link.

As featured in The Scottish Farmer:

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Farm CCTV used to help Tackle Farm Crime

July 17th, 2014|Comments Off on Farm CCTV used to help Tackle Farm Crime

It's important not to underestimate the importance of security on your farm. Farm CCTV is something that can help greatly with this issue. The Fletcher* family run a large arable and vegetable farm which is run across three locations in Fife. In recent years, two of the three sites have [...]