Farmers Eye is a trading name of Self Guard Ltd a company that was set up 2011 after its founder Chris Cotton heard about a spate of thefts at a friend’s farm. Annoyed that the business, that his friend had worked hard to set up and develop, was threatened by people who felt they had the right to just take what they wanted, Chris set about putting together a system to help protect the farm. Since then we have specialized in the installation of security cameras, farm alarm systems and our best selling calving cameras on farms across the country.

We use the latest technology, which not only gives far better pictures and results than traditional suppliers, but also prepares your farm for advances in other farm machinery and equipment as we can provide internet access, anywhere on your farm.

Indeed we see the future of our business as providing both farmers and home owners with the technology that will provide the ability to monitor and control everything you need to make your life easier, not just security systems but technology to allow things as diverse as home automation, telecare, automated irrigation systems, or farm data control centres.

We love using technology to make your life easier if you have anything you’d like to talk to us about call and ask for Chris on 01382 217 37.



To our knowledge Self Guard Ltd is now Scotland’s only business that specialises in providing security solutions to farmers not only in Scotland but throughout the UK.

As each farm is unique, both in layout and also in the way in it works, Self Guard offers a bespoke installation for each farm. We like to get to know how the farm operates, what its main problems or risks are and then create a system specific to that farm.

Excellent customer service is one of our key values and everyone at Self Guard and FarmersEye is committed to delivering the best possible standard of service to our customers.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible standards of integrity, customer service, craftsmanship, and value for money. We aim to build strong relationships with our customers, helping them achieve their objectives and treating them and their projects as our number one priority.

With farms also being homes we have applied our way of thinking to the problem of home security – the products are provided by the Self Guard Ltd arm of our business.

The same advances in technology have provided opportunities for you to take full control of the monitoring of your home security and safety. In many cases this offers an exciting alternative to expensive professional monitoring contracts.

Not only could this save you up to £1500 over the first 3 years of owning your alarm, but also opens up far more opportunities for using technology to control your home. Please visit our Self Guard website.

Chris has had an interest in technology since completing his PhD at the department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering in the University of Glasgow. He recognized that the move in the CCTV industry from being analogue to digital, in conjunction with the improvements in smart phones, faster mobile broadband and super fast home broadband would offer cost effective security and monitoring possibilities for farms that simply had not been there before. You could quite literally be on holiday whilst still being able to see what was happening on your farm.

What we are aiming to achieve:

“Thanks for all of your help.  First class job!”
Ivan, Kirremuir